How to buy and sell safely on Facebook Marketplace

We look at the safest way to sell your items on Facebook Marketplace, without getting ripped off

Thinking about selling some of your old stuff to fund a holiday shopping weekend or just want to clear out the attic? Then Facebook Marketplace is an interesting alternative to eBay or a car boot sale.

Here are some great tips to avoid getting scammed:

  1. Make sure you get paid. It may sound obvious, but as a Facebook Marketplace seller, you should make sure that don't hand over the item before you've got your money, and that the money is real! It's easier than it sounds, but here at Hooha we reckon that the best solution is to buy and sell with the Hooha Instant Payments app, which has been designed to transfer money instantly when you're buying and selling face to face.

  2. Don't travel far to buy. Facebook is really well set up for local buying and selling. As soon as you're tempted to ask the seller to post the item, there's a risk it will never arrive. We reckon that buying and selling face to face makes most sense.

  3. Find out who you're dealing with. Obviously you may not know them, but check out their profile information on Facebook and make sure that they've got plenty of real-looking friends, which means it's less likely to be a fake profile. Hooha buyers and sellers are all ID-verified, meaning you'll never be in any doubt who anyone is.

  4. Don't be embarrassed to check it. If you're buying an item, you should always take time when you go to collect it to make sure that it's the item in the advertisement and that it's in the condition you expect.

  5. Meet the buyer/seller in a public place. If it's a small item, like a handbag or mobile phone, pick a public spot like a cafe, shop or bar for the exchange. If it's something larger, like a sofa, then why not take a friend with you when you go to the seller's home to collect it.

Watch now: Instant Payments in 3 steps

  1. Seller selects item and shares it to Hooha.
  2. Buyer agrees price and scans code.
  3. Money arrives.