Hooha Instant face to face payments using digital escrow

Instant face-to-face payments

Hooha is the marketplace payments app, replacing cash.
Private, secure, unlimited.

Whether you're buying or selling, Hooha is perfect for online marketplaces... Simply agree the amount and scan the phone.

Available on iOS and Android
Hooha Instant face to face payments in the FT banker
Instant facebook marketplace payments using digital escrow

Buy and sell on Facebook, eBay and Shpock marketplaces

  • 'One touch' to pay from Shpock, Facebook, Pinterest, eBay and Instagram apps, plus many more.
  • No account numbers, sort codes, email addresses, mobile numbers. No fat thumbs.
  • Simply agree the amount to be paid and scan the other phone.

Buy on eBay with HoohaBuy and sell on Shpock with Hooha

P2P payments with Instant Digital Escrow

Private. Secure. Payment guaranteed.

Buy and sell face-to-face in seconds with our fraud-proof secure scan. Next-gen encryption means real privacy: no personal data is transferred. 

No more 'Pay and pray'
Check and approve the item before you buy.

Guaranteed payments for sellers
Be confident the money is available and will be transferred to you, instantly.

How does Hooha work?

  • Selling

    1. View the item you're selling - on any online marketplace.
    2. Share it to Hooha.
    3. Enter the price.
    4. Ask the buyer to scan your phone and confirm.
    5. You're done!
  • Buying

    1. Ask the seller to find the item, share it to Hooha and confirm the price.
    2. Scan the code on the seller's phone.
    3. Check you're happy with the price, then tap 'confirm'.
    4. You're done!